The health and safety of all our guests and staff members is our most important concern. That is why, and according to the health guidelines provided by the Province Authorities, we have adopted new ways of operating and have spent a significant amount of time training our staff to keep offering you the best dining experience in the safest possible way.

Here is how we are ensuring your safety:

• We request our guests to keep a 2-meter (6 feet) distance between each other at all times.

• All the staff wear face masks and gloves while serving you.

• All the staff's body temperature is checked before starting their shift. If they display any signs of illness or do not pass the temperature checks, they are not allowed to work.

• We sanitize tables, chairs, doors, and common high-touch surfaces such as iPads, card machines, and computers every time a customer leaves.

• We check, clean, and sanitize the restrooms every 30 minutes.

• Guests are not permitted to enter the restaurant if they display any signs of illness, have returned from traveling outside of Canada, or have close contact with someone who has or is suspected to have COVID-19.

• Reservations are preferred over walk-ins.

• We display clear signage and paths for pick-up and washrooms.

• Hand sanitizer, alcohol spray, and sanitary wiping cloths are provided and available throughout all of our restaurants.